E-Chimusika (E short for Electronic and Chimusika means Market in the local shona language in Zimbabwe)

E-Chimusika is an electronic marketing platform that enables the marketing of agricultural products and farmers produce of a diverse range to a wider market. 

The Mobile App’s first version was launched in November 2021 is being rolled out in Zimbabwe from the Epicentre-Midlands to other regions. 


The platform allows for products produced by different suppliers and farmers to be bided for and purchased by potential buyers on the virtual marketspace which is the E-Chimusika platform. The platform attempts to solve the following underlying problems faced by small-scale and medium scale farmers in Africa:

  1. Inability to market their products to a wider market due to various obstacles

  2. Inability to transport their products to a wider market due to transportation constraints and costs.

  3. Inability to sell their products to a wider market and receive payments;

  4. Inability to purchase farm Inputs (Seeds, Fertilizers, Agronomy Services) at affordable prices and access them conveniently.

E-Chimusika will attempt to solve the challenges faced by farmers through providing, a medium of exchange and offer transportation services were collaborators can register and transact using the platforms service through a mobile app, social media platforms and direct call or sms.

Alba Consolidated Resources Holdings has an ambition to promote agriculture in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa through it’s wholly owned subsidiary E-Chimsika Inc Pvt Ltd which essentially wholly owns

E-Chimusika Mobile App which is currently available on Google Play store and the  Electronic platform .