Enlightened, Emancipated Africa.

All Beginnings have an end, and every end always has a brand new dawn. Africa today, has a fair share of challenges has had its challenges, locally, regionally and globally. The complete union of the individual projects within each portfolio of its subsidiary company Alba Consolidated Fund in 2020, marked the evolution of the group and can be credited from the copious challenges which essentially brought with it undistinguished wisdom and strong passion for what the group truly believes in, an “Enlightened, Emancipated Africa” vision supported and driven by people, resources of Africa and a strong foundation secured by its affiliates.

Borrowing from Martin Luther King’s words, “I have a dream,” we also have a dream and what has been achieved by our small group to date by any standard is merely a beginning and the dream lives on and with the most recent alliances our growth is guaranteed. We are a strong advocate for sustainability and creating win-win solutions which are characteristics embedded in each of our primary activities.

Despite the enormous copious challenges and obstacles faced in Africa to date, we believe our passion, commitment, collaborations and minute actions our firm takes in the small communities we serve in will gradually enable us to meet the sustainability goals. ACR as such defines the future for Africa by determining it’s course of actions today, delivering its solutions effectively through the individual projects whilst fixating our hearts and minds towards the vision of an Enlighted Emancipated Africa.